Caring For Your Caravan

Manage Damp and Mould

How to manage damp and mould in your caravan

Being a caravan owner you may well have kept your pride and joy covered for the winter, but whilst the caravan is okay standing during the winter months it’s not actually free from the risk of mould and dampness on the mattresses and cushions.

Grantham Caravans have targeted the two areas of concern for caravan owners and those looking to buy a used caravan: problems caused by water ingress, and the thought of sleeping on a mattress used by someone else.

For those looking to buy a used caravan, Grantham Caravans now provide a comprehensive moisture report to accompany each caravan showing that they are free of dampness.

And for those concerned about sleeping on a mattress that has come with the caravan or alternatively been affected by damp in their caravan, Grantham Caravans offer Sleepsure – a unique deep clean system and treatment specially designed for mattresses and other upholstery, ensuring that it is left clean and fresh with an additional Sleepsure promise.

Mould and bacterial growth can begin within 24-48 hours of a moisture intrusion

When you have bad damp issues, it’s always been suggested that you buy a new mattress altogether, however the Sleepsure treatment will rejuvenate your existing upholstery – saving you money. The process involves a thorough cleaning and steaming process using high pressure at high temperatures to ensure all mould and damp is removed from the core of the mattress, an additional (secret) treatment is then applied. The mattress is fully dried inside and out, and you’re left with a fresh and hygienic mattress.
Damp caravans and furnishings are associated with the presence of mould

How does my caravan become damp?

Caravans are especially prone to damp at the best of times, particularly with the amount of rain we see here in the UK, even waterproof caravans suffer. The winter sees a huge amount of rain, the sunshine heats the caravan up but once the temperatures drop again the upholstery becomes damp. This endless cycle takes its toll on your poor caravan.
Some mould spores contain allergens, irritants and produce toxins which cause health problems (respiratory, asthma)

How can I tell I have damp or mould?

Does your mattress smell musty? Remember that once mattresses get damp, even if you dry it fully, it will still smell. Lift up all your mattresses and cushions and check for moisture or mould underneath and around them, if you do detect moisture there’s a strong chance that the upholstery will be affected.

The Sleepsure process

• Trained Sleepsure representatives power vacuum the mattress with an industrial vacuum, getting into the fibres of the mattress to loosen any debris or build-up from within.
• An industrial high pressure steam cleaner is then used on all sides of the mattress at a high temperature, this ensures steam gets into the core of the mattress.
• The Sleepsure treatment is applied on all surfaces, then removed, leaving a clean and fresh mattress for many a comfortable night’s sleep.

Once the process is complete, your mattress will receive the Sleepsure Promise ticket to guarantee the service.