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Swift Caravan Sales are a Swift Group Caravans main dealer, authorised by the Swift Group in the UK

Alpine 4 (2019)

Finance from £188.94 pcm

Basecamp (2019)

Finance from £187.68 pcm

Challenger 480 (2019)

Finance from £234.67 pcm

Challenger 530 (2019)

Finance from £244.03 pcm

Challenger 560 (2019)

Finance from £257.20 pcm

Challenger 565 (2019)

Finance from £250.01 pcm

Challenger 580 (2019)

Finance from £252.52 pcm

Challenger 635 (2019)

Finance from £272.77 pcm


Swift are continuously looking for ways to future proof your new caravan.. The introduction of Swift Command (now across ALL of the Swift caravan range!) goes a long way to making this happen!

Enhancing the ownership of your caravan is Swift’s priority and they have really outdone themselves with this fantastic technology. You can now manage and monitor your caravan systems, from a connected device (or smartphone to you and me!)

They have even gone one further and you have the option to subscribe to the Thatcham Category 6 approved proactive tracker, adding Tracker security to your beloved caravan. Tracker monitor that system 24/7/365 so you can rest assured knowing there is a watchful eye making sure your caravan is safe and sound.

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